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Frequently Asked Questions

Check out a few of our most common questions below from previous students and families. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll get you the information you need.

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Can I schedule a school visit?

There is a link on our 'Homepage'. Here is another link below, please feel free to reach out if you require any other assistance or information.

Where can I find the school calendar?

There is a link on our 'About' page. Here is another link below, please feel free to reach out if you require any other assistance or information.

Where can I register?

We have a registration link on our 'About' page. Here is another link below for you!

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How much is school tuition?

Tuition Fees: 

Grades K to 5: $6000 per school year ( fees may change based on Government Funding)

Application Fee: $500 (non-refundable)

Payment Options: Tuition fees must be paid in full or submitted on signed post-dated cheques no later than July 15th, 2024. 

Payment Plan: Tuition fees can be paid in three installments: July 15th, 2024 (40%), October 15th, 2024 (30%), and December 15th, 2024 (30%).

Discounts: A discount of 1.5% will apply to tuition fees paid in full on, or before July 15th, 2024.

Sibling Discount: Reduction will be applied on a sliding scale based on available funds.

What are the hours and price of before and after school care?

Preschool-Grade 5:
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Fee: $552.60/month

children playing in nature

What is an Independent School?

Independent schools in our province are owned and governed by not-for-profit societies with a volunteer board of directors, and are licensed by the BC Ministry of Education. We cover the BC curriculum and employ certified teachers. What differentiates us at Saplings is half of our learning takes place in the outdoor classroom, where children have the opportunity to learn with and from the land.  We have smaller class sizes to allow space for children to grow and learn at their own pace.  

We have now been designated a Group one Independent school which means we receive 50% of our funding from the provincial government, with the rest of our operating costs funded through student tuition and charitable donations.  

How much do you focus on Academics?

We are passionate about cultivating our students’ love of learning, and we take our responsibility as educators seriously. We cover the BC curriculum, and our goal is to make approach every learning experience with curiosity, collaboration, intrinsic motivation and a growth mindset.

What are your intake years?

At this time we are accepting all children from K-grade 5 for the 2024/2025 school year.  Space permitting, we accept new students in all grades, in September or mid-way through the year.  Each year we will add an additional grade.  

Do you have a school bus? 

Many of our families travel from Commercial Drive, Fraser and Main Street areas to attend our school. Families do carpool to ease the regular commute but with the increasing number of students travelling across the Bridges , we are considering investing in a school bus. Please email our Head of School Cecily Heras, to add your name to the growing list of families who would pay extra for a school bus service from East Vancouver, and please let us know if a school bus service is critical in your decision to enrol your child at our school.

Does Saplings have a Parents Association?

Yes, Saplings has a vibrant parent community who are looking for volunteers to join us in participating in their children's education program and support services.

Saplings Parents Association (SPA) was formed in 2023 and we are always looking for your engagement to ensure its success.

Check out the Saplings Parent Association's webpage here 

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How should I dress my child for colder days?

Below is a downloadable resource for you about layering on colder days. Any other questions, please reach out!

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