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About Us

Building Bright Futures

Saplings Nature School is the North Shore’s newest and only nature-based elementary school. Through fostering an intimate daily relationship with the natural world, suffused with observations, considerations, questions, and sensory entanglements, Saplings helps students develop meaningful and life-long relationships with the earth, themselves, and those around them. These daily connections to self, community, and place support students in learning how to be aware, imaginative, inquisitive, and resourceful while they take important risks, develop empathy for others, and combine a keen a sense of wonder with the skills to follow through with their ideas. 

Through adventuring beyond the tradition of four walls, learning at Saplings becomes truly experiential, supporting students in becoming thoughtful, engaged, creative, flexible, and self-motivated, the skills required of our students as they enter into a wide-open and ever-changing world. Underpinned by a close attention to the BC Curriculum and delivered in beautiful outdoor and indoor spaces,  students are invited to view all the world as their classroom while developing a meaningful relationship with the earth, themselves, and one another. 

Saplings aims to grow with our students throughout their elementary and secondary school years. If there is enough interest, Saplings will continue to add one more grade every year in order to follow students right through their educational journey.

“I am 100% confident that my child is in the right place, and we are looking forward to growing with the school.” 

- Grade 2 Parent

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