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Image by Mateus Guimarães

Mission & Values

Our mission is to spark a lifelong love of nature and curiosity in our learners through fostering a sense of wonder and embedding vitality and joy into the student’s educational experience by supporting their fundamental need to explore, discover, play, share, and create.


Saplings aspires to foster a student’s lifelong connection to place by using the materials around us to learn while we explore our local community’s natural playground.  By fostering an intimate daily relationship with the natural world, suffused with observations and questions, our indoor and outdoor classrooms are saturated with emergent moments of inquiry, sensory entanglements, spontaneous learning opportunities, provocative conversations, and meaningful connections.

These connections to self, others, and place foster students’ lifelong understanding of the need for sustainable practices, while at the same time attending to their social-emotional needs.  Seen as imaginative, inquisitive, and resourceful agents, students are given opportunities to link what they are thinking about to what they already know by operating fully with and in place.

Based on the idea that nature is a powerful teacher and challenging the idea that we as humans are separate from it, Saplings invites children into the natural world as a classroom.

Saplings aspires to create a space for every student where: 

They can follow their passions and interests.

Learn from hands-on, real-world experiences.

Learn more about their own strengths, interests, and challenges.

Use multiple ways of learning, being, and expressing.